Engineering Ethos

90 Years of Heritage

Engineers Australia is undermining the Profession of Engineering. The heritage of our Profession is under threat. The short paper that can be downloaded here traces how our profession came into being, to provide us with professional recognition, status and reward, and how Engineers Australia has lost its way in the past decade. The paper sets out issues important to all Professional Engineers. Engineers Australia must be prevented from debasing our hard-won professional status.

A new book, by Dr Brian E Lloyd AM, past-President of Engineers Australia, describes the situation in greater detail.

Engineering in Australia: A Professional Ethos, can be downloaded at no cost. It shows how the Engineering Profession was defined in 1919 when the Institution of Engineers was formed, and how it achieved recognition and status for Professional Engineers and our Profession.

But the new Engineers Australia definition of the 'profession of engineering' includes technical and drafting officers in 'the profession'. Such people can join as Engineering Associates, as members of the Engineering Team. But they are not Professional Engineers, but para-professionals, not within the Engineering Profession.

Since 2000 the leadership, senior staff and the Journal of Engineers Australia have been debasing the terms 'profession of engineering', 'professional', 'engineering professional' and 'engineer'. The vote of Corporate members in 2005 rejected that. But their will is being ignored, as are the Charter and Bye-Laws.

To get quickly to the point in the book, see: The Challenge (page iv), Introduction (pages 1-4), Chapter 9, Chapter 10 (first half), Chapter 11 and Chapter 15.

My purpose is to raise consciousness. There is no price on the book. Please pass it on. Print it if you wish. I hope it will find many readers.

Engineering Ethos

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